Hey yall. I’m back from Buffalo! It was a weekend full of highway-driving (16+ hours), pizza eating (twice), mascara smearing (too many times), and two beautiful people getting married. 


Brother is Jeremy, (new) sister in law is Kathryn. They got married (by a former television weatherman)  at Niagara Falls this weekend in a small civil ceremony. 

I cried. 


Here we are after the ceremony! Can you tell that I messed up all of my eye make up with tears? I’m wearing a dress by Jax and my very favorite Steve Madden nude pumps. Since it was a little rainy, I kept my hair tied back. Luckily, the rain held out until right after we finished taking pictures by the falls! My mother didn’t have a coat, but luckily there was room in my father’s: 


Too cute. After the ceremony, we went to Encore restaurant in Buffalo for the reception. Since Kathryn is a vegetarian, there were tons of healthy veggie options. There was also an open bar (dangerous) and wedding cupcakes. 


Almond cake + vanilla buttercream + fresh strawberries. I spent the entire evening in a food coma. What is it about weddings that make you want to shove everything in your face? Just me? 

The next day, Dylan and I had to get back on the road to DC. But first we stopped at his alma mater, Rochester Institute of Technology. 


Rawr. And then, of course, there was lunch. 


Yep, that’s a jumbo slice from Jitters. Remember what I said about shoving everything into my face? 

Today, I’m hanging out with a very sleepy corgi and then heading off to work later this afternoon! 

How was your weekend? Have you ever had a “jumbo slice” of pizza? 

If the answer is no, you’re doing it wrong. 

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3 Responses to The WEDDING

  1. I did it wrong I guess!! lol

    I love your dress! Percect paired with nude heals!

  2. I meant perfect, I wish you could edit a comment after hiting post, I am always to quick on the draw!! 🙂

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