wednesday top ten

10. “10 adventures for siblings”  by Elsie and Emma on the Rockstar Diaries. My brother is my best friend, I cried at his wedding and we’ve had so many amazing adventures. Siblings are the best.

9. Celery. Sometimes I get these really intense, unmanageable cravings for this strange vegetable. I really like this article in the New York Times by Mark Bittman and the accompanying celery recipes, but we all know how it’s best: smeared with peanut butter and dotted with raisins.

8. Avocado + blueberry + sea salt sandwich. I first got the idea for avocado + fruit here and it’s quickly becoming my summer go-to lunch. Full of healthy fat and fiber! I like to eat it on Mestermacher pumpernickel (wheat free).

7. Roasted strawberry vinaigrette from Rosemarried. I am always roasting strawberries, soaking them in balsamic, and serving them for dessert whenever we have guests! (If you’ve never done this–10 minutes at 350 in the oven. truuust me it’s worth it.) But roasted strawberries in a SALAD dressing? Pass the salad, please.

6. I’m currently reading The Twelve Little Cakes by Dominika Dery. It’s a memoir about growing up in Communist-occupied Czechoslovakia. In case you didn’t know, I’m obsessed with Prague. Dylan bought me this e-book as part of my graduation gift (which included a Kindle).

5. This watch. I’m sorry. I need it. Oh, Michael. You kill me.

4. Chinatown Coffee Company. If you live in or around the district, you really need to go here. The staff is super friendly and they know how to make good coffee and coffee drinks. They serve Intelligentsia coffee, which comes from New York and is delicious. They also have beer, wine, absinthe, and an array of local pastries and snacks. ANYWAY. It’s at 6th and H NW in Chinatown. See ya there.

3. If anyone wants to buy me this ring from Catbird NYC, I’d be okay with that. Actually anything from Catbird. Okay?

2. This song. It’s so sweet I almost can’t take it.

1. I can’t really make a top ten without including Peach, can I? One day maybe. No never mind. Just look at that face.

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