staying positive

If you’ve been reading Peach in the City for the past week or so, you know that I graduated from college this May and have been essentially unemployed since. I’m not actually unemployed. I do have a full time job, I took it mostly to structure my time and bring in a little money while I look for more interesting work.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the job search, the endless cover letters, the constant resume edits, asking for references, and putting together an application. By the time you’ve done this, you’re sure you’re the perfect fit for the position! Only, more often than not, to hear back two months or so later that the position is no longer available. There are better qualified candidates, or people with connections, or just too many applicants to take every single one seriously. It’s hard to not get discouraged. When I get discouraged, I like to remind myself of some things to be happy about and grateful for. 

Like breakfast 


and boyfriends


and puppies


and parents


and PBR.


I know we’re going to be okay. 

What keeps you from getting down?

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One Response to staying positive

  1. Darcy says:

    When I was unemployed (for over a year)…or I guess underemployed is the term, because I was working, but I wasn’t using my degree…it really helped me to know that I wasn’t alone! I try to stay positive, but one day I was really down and I posted on facebook about it. Turns out, I had several friends that were in the same boat! I guess that helped reinforce the fact that it wasn’t a personal thing – I wasn’t deficient as a potential employee – it’s just the economy.

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