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we’re about to have a pizza party

do we eat too much pizza?

no such thing.

What’s your favorite kind of pizza? (I’m not asking if you have one because everyone has one.)

Mine is pineapple + broccoli + onions. Dylan is lactose-intolerant so we always get ours cheeseless. 

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wednesday top ten

10. This dress by Jax. I’m wearing it to my big brother’s wedding this weekend at Niagara Falls.  I got mine at Lord & Taylor for around $125. Oh, and they didn’t have my size, so I’ll be sucking in my gut all day in a dress that’s exactly one size too small.

9. This cake. It’s called Medovnik, or honey cake, and it’s an eastern European specialty. You know I ate pounds of it while I was living in Prague, and it’s been coming back to me in my dreams. I swear. I have to make it but there’s soooo maaany ingredients and steps to follow.

8. This map. Dylan’s apartment is still almost entirely undecorated.  We really like the idea of a huge map on the wall in the bedroom (in place of a headboard for now) like in this picture, but so far we haven’t been able to agree on one that’s in our price range.

7. This book. I’m obsessed. And it’s the very first book I’m reading on my brand new Kindle.

6. Rue La La. I can and probably do spend hours every day shopping on this site. It’s invite only, but since I love you you’re invited.

5. This salad. It’s basically everything I like in one bowl and it has a cutesy name. Dylan made it for me as part of a surprise homemade Valentine’s meal.

4. This blog and everything on it.

3. This face. But, I mean, really…

2. This restaurant. Dylan, I think that date night special is calling our names.

1. The fact that I’m officially not unemployed anymore. It’s not my dream job, and it’s not even a job I particularly want, but it’s a place to be 35 hours of the week, and it’s downtown, and it’s a paycheck. So there.

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here are some pictures of peach





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Suck it up, Buttercup: How to Survive Unemployment

When I lived in Prague back in 2010, I had a Czech language teacher who used to say “smile, you will survive” while we hopelessly tried to learn to speak and understand Czech.

“Smile, you will survive” is something I tell myself a lot these days. 

So, here it is: 

1. Don’t get down on yourself. Feeling sorry for yourself isn’t productive, but it is easy. Luckily for me, I’ve got my very own cheering section, composed of my supportive family, awesome boyfriend, and, of course, Peach. 

2. Bring a good book. This is a rule that can be applied to life in general I think. Reading keeps your mind active, and this way you’ll still be learning and growing even if you technically aren’t doing anything. 

3. Don’t sleep all day.  Yeah, it’s tempting to do so when you have nothing to wake up for, but it won’t make you feel any better.

4. Set goals. If you’re unemployed having just graduated from college, like me, you’re probably lacking structure for the first time in a long time and this is probably unsettling. Write your goals down, both long- and short-term, and set a deadline for achieving them. That being said, make sure they’re realistic. 

Have you ever been unemployed? 

What are your survival tips? 

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I’m very busy being unemployed at Caribou Coffee this afternoon.


See that? 

Drinking coffee like a grown up.

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This weekend, Dylan and I went out with some of his friends in DC.


We started at The Passenger on 7th. Neither one of us had been there before but we heard they have really great cocktails. Dylan got himself a beer and told the bartender that I wanted a cocktail, not too sweet, with gin. What I was got a mixture of gin, lime juice, and creme de menthe.

Weird? Certainly.

Delicious? Yes. I wish you had been there.

From there we went to American Ice on V.

We had to wait for like fifteen minutes to get in. This is an estimate that could be way off considering I was one whole drink in by this point and a leetle bit tipsy. Oh, and hungry, bordering on hangry. You guys, shut up. It’s a thing.


We got inside and found out the kitchen was closed, which meant I got to be a pouty brat and Dylan got to love me anyways. But then, this happened:


Alright, so this picture doesn’t really do it justice.

My PBR tallboy a little bit steals the spotlight.  Can you see what’s going on there?


I’ve never enjoyed a kamikaze more and that is the TRUTH.

Roughly a half hour after this picture was taken, Dylan + his brother and I finally went for pizza on U Street.

I ate a slice bigger than my head.

I was a happy girl.

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