a perfect saturday.

Today was such a great day! Dylan woke me up early for a (30-minute) road trip to northern Virginia. 

We had to take Miss Peach to the vet. 


Poor puppy. 

After we dropped her off, we went to one of our old breakfast favorites in Reston.


Red and green pepper + spinach + mushroom omelet from Community Canteen.

Afterwards we hit up Nordstrom in Pentagon City. Half yearly sale for men this week!


(shirt: Caslon via Nordstrom, pants: Fire via Nordstrom, bag: Urban Outfitters, shoes: Toms Shoes) 

Then I had to work 8 hours! Like a for-real actual grown up! Food court sushi on my lunch break. 


A long metro ride home. 


Greeted by the sweetest Peach in the city.


A little Corgi Quality Time with a new toy. 


And a Mamma Chia before bed.


Night, y’all. 

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staying positive

If you’ve been reading Peach in the City for the past week or so, you know that I graduated from college this May and have been essentially unemployed since. I’m not actually unemployed. I do have a full time job, I took it mostly to structure my time and bring in a little money while I look for more interesting work.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the job search, the endless cover letters, the constant resume edits, asking for references, and putting together an application. By the time you’ve done this, you’re sure you’re the perfect fit for the position! Only, more often than not, to hear back two months or so later that the position is no longer available. There are better qualified candidates, or people with connections, or just too many applicants to take every single one seriously. It’s hard to not get discouraged. When I get discouraged, I like to remind myself of some things to be happy about and grateful for. 

Like breakfast 


and boyfriends


and puppies


and parents


and PBR.


I know we’re going to be okay. 

What keeps you from getting down?

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wednesday top ten

10. “10 adventures for siblings”  by Elsie and Emma on the Rockstar Diaries. My brother is my best friend, I cried at his wedding and we’ve had so many amazing adventures. Siblings are the best.

9. Celery. Sometimes I get these really intense, unmanageable cravings for this strange vegetable. I really like this article in the New York Times by Mark Bittman and the accompanying celery recipes, but we all know how it’s best: smeared with peanut butter and dotted with raisins.

8. Avocado + blueberry + sea salt sandwich. I first got the idea for avocado + fruit here and it’s quickly becoming my summer go-to lunch. Full of healthy fat and fiber! I like to eat it on Mestermacher pumpernickel (wheat free).

7. Roasted strawberry vinaigrette from Rosemarried. I am always roasting strawberries, soaking them in balsamic, and serving them for dessert whenever we have guests! (If you’ve never done this–10 minutes at 350 in the oven. truuust me it’s worth it.) But roasted strawberries in a SALAD dressing? Pass the salad, please.

6. I’m currently reading The Twelve Little Cakes by Dominika Dery. It’s a memoir about growing up in Communist-occupied Czechoslovakia. In case you didn’t know, I’m obsessed with Prague. Dylan bought me this e-book as part of my graduation gift (which included a Kindle).

5. This watch. I’m sorry. I need it. Oh, Michael. You kill me.

4. Chinatown Coffee Company. If you live in or around the district, you really need to go here. The staff is super friendly and they know how to make good coffee and coffee drinks. They serve Intelligentsia coffee, which comes from New York and is delicious. They also have beer, wine, absinthe, and an array of local pastries and snacks. ANYWAY. It’s at 6th and H NW in Chinatown. See ya there.

3. If anyone wants to buy me this ring from Catbird NYC, I’d be okay with that. Actually anything from Catbird. Okay?

2. This song. It’s so sweet I almost can’t take it.

1. I can’t really make a top ten without including Peach, can I? One day maybe. No never mind. Just look at that face.

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Recipe Tuesday: The Easiest Risotto Ever (dairy free)

Who doesn’t love risotto? 

No one, right? 

If you’ve never tried making your own risotto, you really should. It’s so easy! And people are so impressed by it! You don’t have to tell them that you literally stirred a pot for a half hour and then had risotto, right there, like it cooked itself for you. 

Dylan can’t have dairy, so I’ve made this recipe with no butter or cheese (risotto often has both) and also no wine (because wine is for drinking, right?). Oh and normally I would use an onion but we didn’t have one. Here it is! Hope you enjoy.

You’ll need:

3 T olive oil 

2-3 T herbs du provence

2-3 cups baby spinach

1 cup dry arborio rice

3 cups vegetable broth

salt and pepper


1. Start by heating olive oil in a large pot. Once it’s hot, add in raw spinach and let it cook down. Meanwhile, heat broth in a medium pot and leave it simmering. 

2. Add in rice and stir the oil, spinach, and rice together until the rice becomes translucent. Don’t let it stick to the bottom! Keep stirring! It’s really important to use Arborio Rice–the short grain creates the texture that makes risotto what it is. If you use any other kind of grain, you’ll just have rice cooked in broth. Still good. Not risotto.

3. Add 1 cup (or so) of the heated broth to the oil-spinach-rice mixture. Cook until the rice soaks up all of the broth. This is when I usually add the herbs. Don’t stop stirring for too long or it may stick to the bottom. Add the second cup of broth and cook until it’s absorbed, then add the third. 

4. Taste it! If the rice is soft and creamy, you win! Risotto time! If it’s crunchy at all, keep cooking and try adding a little more broth. 


Easy or what?


And so ridiculously creamy, you won’t believe there’s no cheese. 

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Hey yall. I’m back from Buffalo! It was a weekend full of highway-driving (16+ hours), pizza eating (twice), mascara smearing (too many times), and two beautiful people getting married. 


Brother is Jeremy, (new) sister in law is Kathryn. They got married (by a former television weatherman)  at Niagara Falls this weekend in a small civil ceremony. 

I cried. 


Here we are after the ceremony! Can you tell that I messed up all of my eye make up with tears? I’m wearing a dress by Jax and my very favorite Steve Madden nude pumps. Since it was a little rainy, I kept my hair tied back. Luckily, the rain held out until right after we finished taking pictures by the falls! My mother didn’t have a coat, but luckily there was room in my father’s: 


Too cute. After the ceremony, we went to Encore restaurant in Buffalo for the reception. Since Kathryn is a vegetarian, there were tons of healthy veggie options. There was also an open bar (dangerous) and wedding cupcakes. 


Almond cake + vanilla buttercream + fresh strawberries. I spent the entire evening in a food coma. What is it about weddings that make you want to shove everything in your face? Just me? 

The next day, Dylan and I had to get back on the road to DC. But first we stopped at his alma mater, Rochester Institute of Technology. 


Rawr. And then, of course, there was lunch. 


Yep, that’s a jumbo slice from Jitters. Remember what I said about shoving everything into my face? 

Today, I’m hanging out with a very sleepy corgi and then heading off to work later this afternoon! 

How was your weekend? Have you ever had a “jumbo slice” of pizza? 

If the answer is no, you’re doing it wrong. 

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For the next few days, I’ll be in Buffalo. My big brother is getting married! To a really great girl!

I’ll be back with more pictures than you ever wanted to see on Monday.


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what I wore on my first day of work

Good morning, everyone. Currently blogging here at the table while Dylan does sit ups on the floor next to me. He just accidentally kicked Peach in the head and she came and hid behind me.

She loves me more.

Unrelated: I’m eating breakfast. 2 eggs fried in coconut oil. I realize that it doesn’t look appetizing but I eat two eggs every morning and if I don’t the world will probably end.


This girl came to join to me.


It’s my first day on the job! Here’s what I’m wearing:

(glasses: Warby Parker, shirt: h.i.p. via Nordstrom, pants: Zara, shoes: Gap city flats)

Please excuse my big dumb face. It’s early.

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